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There are only two windmills at Xaghra on the island of Gozo. In one of them you can find the windmill museum, in the other one you can spend a wonderful vacation!

[We booked this cheap accommodation via phone with low expectations and were positively surprised! We were even more surprised to see that this small paradise is not permanently booked up. We therefore promised the landlords to make this millhouse known in the internet...]

Millhouse Furnishings

The milhouse is an independent holiday-home for self-catering, that is inhabitated exlusively by your travel group. There are 4 bedrooms with two beds each, dwelling/dining room with kitchen (refrigerator, gas cooker, sink, tableware/cutlery, etc.), large bathroom with toilet, small shower cubicle with toilet, anteroom, tower with spiral stairs. One of the 4 bedrooms lies between the shower cubicle and one of the other bedrooms.

The mill is an impressing old building with walls that partly are 1.25 m thick!

Location of the Millhouse

Address: `Il-Mithna´ Gnien Xibla str, Xaghra.
Like most of the other houses instead of a house number, the millhouse has its own name: `Il-Mithna´. The millhouse is located exactly opposite the small museum “Antique Engines and Vintage Machines”, roughly 20 m away from the street (very quiet location). Gnien Xibla street is one of the old village streets, through which in September during the celebration “Nativity of our Lady” the procession with the statue of the Virgin passes.

City map, arrow points to millhouse. Entire map

Gnien Xibla street on foot to the west (village center):
after 1 minute:  Bikes & Car Hire Emanuel, Tel. 551468,
                      bicycle 3Lm/day
after 2 minutes: Museum of Toys, Tel. 562489/557111
                      Bus stop (not every bus stops here)
                      Baker's shop (very hidden)
after 3 minutes: Kaizer store (very small corner shop), Tel. 552839
after 5 minutes: Galea Supermarket, Tel. 551712
                      Post office
after 6 minutes: Market place with church
after 8 minutes: M&M Discount Supermarket (big supermarket),
                      Tel. 560211
after 9 minutes: Central bus stop

Gnien Xibla street on foot to the east:
after roughly 5 minutes: Abraham's Supplies (small supermarket),
                                 Tel. 552727

The tower and the flat roof

Via the tower you enter the large, beautiful flat roof, on which there wuold be space for several dome tents. Gardens and fields border on three sides of the millhouse. From the flat roof you can see goats, sheep, roasters and hens (which from time to time bleat and crow, so you get an additional “vacation on a farm” for free). You have an almost 360 degree panorama from the roof (reasonably, as windmills are almost always located in elevated places), e.g. you can spot Comino and Malta in the distance. From the sea only two small parts can be seen, in one of them I could watch the sunrise above the sea at 6.37 am on September 6, 2001. At dusk you can see bats, in the night one can perfectly watch the stars, and even the Milky Way can be made out in moonless nights! From the flat roof you can also observe satellites and so-called iridium flares with the naked eye.


The village of Xahgra is of touristic interest due to its Ggantija Temples (inscribed on the World Heritage List), Calypso´s Cave, Xerri´s Grotto, Ninus Cave and the sand beach of Ramla Bay. Ramla Bay is a “fine sand bay considered to be the most beautiful of Malta”, (travel guide). From there beautiful walking-tours along the shore can be done. The walking distance between millhouse and Ramla Bay is 30 to 35 minutes. Since Ramla Bay has not been developed (that´s one reason for being so beautiful), you cannot find accomodations much nearer!

Xaghra is a beautiful old place and stands out pleasantly against the tourist strongholds Xlendi and Marsalforn with their ugly hotels and apartments.

Bus Connection

Bus route 64/65, several times a day to Victoria. A car is thus not necessary. By the way: on arrival/departure the landlords pick you up from the ferry in Mgarr free of charge!


  • The landlords gladly arrange car or bicycle hire.
  • In most rooms mobile phones work (TELECELL and VODAFONE MLA).
  • For the three-pin sockets you may need an adapter. There are no two-pin sockets in the millhouse.
  • The bedroom in the very bottom has the light switch behind the left bed.
  • For those who like an idyllic atmosphere: in the dining hall, additional to electric light there are three petroleum lamps.
  • The cactus plants at the access road are so-called prickly pears (edible!)
  • Since Malta lies very far in the south, it is still warm, even late in the year. The so-called “summer of St. Martin” is during November and the first two week of December.
  • Tourist info Gozo: Tel. 00356/561419


Bus Gozo  Bus Malta

Want to know more?

If you have any questions on the millhouse, don´t hesitate to give me a call. I would be glad to help you with any information “from tourist to tourist” (I spent two of my holidays in the millhouse; I am not the landlord of the millhouse):
Tel. +49/89/910 29 56 (10 am - 9 pm)

Peter Rösler


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Walking-tour to the bay of Mgarr ix-Xini (26k)    (97k)


View from the roof to the windmill museum and the church (21k)    (77k)


The flat roof with tower  (15k)     (56k)


Entrance door and seat  (16k)     (52k)


Butterfly on the flat roof  (16k)     (46k)


Dining hall  (15k)    (58k)


Bedroom at the very top (12k)    (33k)


Spiral stairs in the tower  (10k)    (26k)


Two millstones in front of  the entrance  (19k)   (54k)


Road between millhouse and church   (17k)    (49k)


View from the roof to the church  (5k)    (15k)